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James Yaeger - Duson 337-988-9020
Active Inspector/Moisture Analyst/Building Envelope II
Member Since:  3/00

Walter M. MacKay - Mandeville 985-892-8344
Active Inspector/Moisture Analyst
Member Since:  3/01

Chris Savoie - Covington 985-871-7511
Active Inspector/Moisture Analyst
Member Since:  9/04

Eric Burns - Baton Rouge 225-252-2099
Active Inspector/Moisture Analyst
Member Since:  8/15 (Original Cert. 10/02)

Ryan Johnson - Abbeville 504-616-0200
Active Member/Moisture Analyst/QC
Member Since:  11/16

Jessica Savoie - Gonzales 985-373-2372
Active Member/Moisture Analyst/QC
Member Since: 03/18






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