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Curriculum Vitae

Raymond T. Lynch
Norfolk, Virginia


Stonehill College, S. Easton, MA Boston Architectural Center, Boston, MA


United States Army Reserve


1996- Present Construction Technologies Corporation  - Norfolk, Va. - Chairman, CEO

1999- Present Design Management Group -  Norfolk, Va. - President

Design and develop Web and computer based training programs.

1987 - Present Atlantic Construction Remediation Consultants, Inc. -  Norfolk, Virginia - President/Owner

Technical Consultant to EIFS industry, expert testimony, product development, construction management, inspection on design.

Client Base: Major international FRC (Fiber Reinforced Cement) board manufacturers, EIFS manufacturers, architects, contractors. Emphasis placed on valued-added technology and application.

1993 – 1999 Universal Polymers, Inc. - Springfield, Missouri - Chairman/CEO

Manufacture EIFS, textured exterior coatings, elastomerics, stucco additives. 1992 -2001 Exterior Design Institute Norfolk, Virginia Chairman of the Board Non-profit, 3rd party inspector training and educational organization for the EIFS industry.

1992 - 1995 Panelcrete LTD - Northwich, England - Chairman of the Board

Manufacturer of glass fiber and glass mesh cement board. Exported to 22 countries. Responsible for financial, technical, value added and product development. Sold business to Knauf in 1995.

1983 - 1987 ARCHI-TECH Concepts, Inc. - Baltimore, Maryland - President
National technical consultant for MacNaughton - Brooks LTD, Toronto - EIFS Manufacturer

All phases of business development, marketing, technical support and training for high build exterior coatings and textural finishes.
Developed direct application products for cement boards (Eternit, UltraBoard, Weyerhauser) as well as Thermwall products for EIFS.

1980 - 1982 Panel Systems, Inc. - Smithfield, Rhode Island - President

Designed, built, and installed exterior wall panels with a variety of compositions.

1974 - 1979 Dryvit Systems, Inc. Warwick, Rhode Island - Vice President

Employed as technical service representative. Promoted to Western Regional Manager, 1976. Promoted to National Sales Manager and Manager of Technical Services, 1977. Promoted to Corporate Vice President, 1978.

Associations (current and past)

BOCA - Building Officials Conference of America
AWCI - Association of Wall and Ceiling Contractors, Inc.
EIMA - Exterior Insulation Manufacturers Association- past Treasurer
IACRS - International Association of Concrete Repair Specialists
ASTM - American Society of Testing Manufacturers
EDI - Exterior Design Institute- Founder, Chairman

Articles Published

  • 1988: Code Red-Construction Dimensions (CD) EIFS Ornamentation- CD Third Party Inspection-CD
  • 1989 Q & A column- CD Bank Retrofit-Walls and Ceilings(WC)
  • 1990 Post Hugo Inspection- CD Predictions –CD
  • 1993 EIFS Consulting-WC
  • 1996 EIFSGATE ’96-Texas Assoc. of Builders Putting Certification to the Test-WC EDI Continues Inspector Training
  • 1999 EIFSGATE ’98-WC
  • 2000 EIFSGATE 2000 –ASHI Reporter
  • 2003 Moisture Meters- Inspectorate
  • 2004 EIFS Inspection Report
  • 2004 Inspectorate - Identifying the EIFS Manufacturer
  • 2005 Inspectorate - General Cleaning and removal of Mildew on EIFS
  • 2007 Specification- EDI Technical Bulletin
  • 2010 Inspection protocol for Toxic Drywall 

Books Published

1996 Inspectorate- Certified Inspector
Revised 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008
2002 EDI Certified EIFS Online Course - Revised 2005, 2007
2008 EDI Level II Inspector Certification - Instruction Manual
All Claddings - Cement board siding, vinyl siding, cultured stone, FRC, 3 coat stucco, CMU, ICF, panelization, inspection techniques, advanced building science,
introduction to energy audits, introduction to roof inspections.
Inspectorate - Building Envelope
2009 EDI Toxic Drywall Inspector Certification Webinar (Co-Authored with Mr. Dennis Rose) 

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